Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed – How Fast Can It Go?

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The only way to go is to move fast for adventure seekers. The Sea-Doo Spark is a known name to anyone who enjoys going fast on a jet ski. The only question is, “What’s the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed?”

50 mph is Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed. Testers riding the Spark with a 60 hp ACE engine reached a top speed of 42 mph during Sea-Doo’s Orlando press event. This model is merely 405 lbs. in weight. The 90-horsepower Spark model had a top speed of 50 mph. The weight of this version is 420 lbs.

A speed of 40-50 mph may not appear to be very fast. When moving on water, however, that top speed is equivalent to flying above the waves. Add in the fact that the Sea-Doo Spark is a lightweight jet ski, which makes going from zero to maximum speed in a couple of seconds much easier.

The Sea-Doo Spark’s outstanding feature is that it doesn’t require a powerful or heavy engine to reach these speeds. When compared to a jet ski with a larger and more powerful engine, you’ll get better fuel economy and reduced fill-up costs with a smaller engine.

Read on to know more about the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed, as well as other interesting facts about this fast but lightweight jet ski.

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Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed and How Fast It Can Go

When compared to a jet ski that can reach Ferrari speeds in a matter of seconds, the Sea-Doo Spark will have you wait for a few seconds longer to reach the same speed. A super-fast jet ski powered by a 300 horsepower engine can go from zero to 60 mph in under three seconds.

The Sea-Doo Spark, on the other hand, will take at least 10 seconds to reach the same speed. [1] When you consider that the Sea-Doo is designed for beginners who want to experience the exhilarating sensation of flying into the sea, it’s not really bad.

The Sea-Doo is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase their first jet ski for recreational purposes. It’s also a good personal watercraft (PWC) for the conservative, including those who are still getting used to being on the water.

With its moderate speed, even children can operate the Sea-Doo Spark, which is lighter and easier to drive than other more powerful jet skis.

Additionally, Sea-Doo ensured that the Spark’s throttle was designed with a simple and efficient twist-and-go function. They even included bike-style handlebars for a secure and comfortable grip.

Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed According to Model

It’s difficult enough to find a PWC that reflects your style. Sea-Doo claims to have enough designs to cater to any type of water rider. And if you’re up for it, you can answer some of their questions, such as the type of rider you are, the amount of riding time you want to spend, the seating capacity you prefer, the type of water that best suits your comfort, speed, handling, and maneuvering, whether you participate in tow sports, and, of course, the price.

Well, who knows? Due to its easy controls, a Sea-Doo may transform you from a shy, modest watersport enthusiast to a full-throttle, high-flying Sea-Doo racer. It also helps if you’re prepared to spend money on things that will make your water experience more enjoyable and convenient.

What’s the Sea-Doo Spark top speed? We’ve made a list to guide you in selecting the best Sea-Doo Spark model with the top speed of your choosing:

Sea-Doo ModelTop Speed
Recreation Lite Series

40mph to 50mph
Recreation Series
GTI 90 / 130
GTI SE 130 / 170

50mph to 55mph
55mph to 60mph
Touring Series
GTX Limited 230 / 300
GTX 170 / 230

60mph to 70mp
55mph to 65mph
Tow Sports Series
WAKE 170

Performance Series
GTR 230
RXP-X 30
RXT-X 300

Sport Fishing Series
Fish Pro


Important note: The top speeds given for each Sea-Doo model are estimates only. Actual top speeds may differ due to a number of factors that will be discussed in the next section of this article.

Factors Affecting Sea-Doo Top Speeds

There are various reasons why your Sea-Doo model may not be as fast as the ones listed above.

Even if you’re a pro rider, you should be aware that a variety of elements, such as your weight, water conditions (it’s easier to drive faster on calm waters than on turbulent ones), engine horsepower, and fuel tank size, to mention a few, all have an impact on your speed – whether you like it or not.

Consider these factors when selecting your Sea-Doo model to determine the top speed you can achieve.

Sea-Doo Spark – How to Make It Faster?

Sea-Doo’s official website allows you to customize the Spark with a variety of accessories and other riding gear to round out your jet ski experience, whether you’re a novice or a professional.

If you are looking for a lot of speed, however, going light is the way to go. Because speed is so important, Sea-Doo chose the durable yet lightweight Polytec material for their Spark lineup.

Of course, you need to be aware of a few Sea-Doo Spark specs that influence its speed. Sea-Doo, for example, currently offers only two engine options: the Rotax 900 ACE (60hp and a top speed of 42mph) and the updated Rotax 900 H.O. ACE (90hp and a top speed of 50mph).

You obtain better fuel efficiency with the cheaper engine since it consumes less fuel. The improved engine, on the other hand, gives you a higher top speed and a faster acceleration time.

While it has no bearing on speed, considering your Sea-Doo Spark model’s iBR (intelligent brake & reverse system) is a requirement for safety. This feature is available on Spark models with 90hp engines for a safer ride.

You can start in neutral, stop faster, and dock more easily with an accessible iBR system. For some, it’s a luxury, but for most jet ski riders, especially newbies, it’s a must-have safety feature.

Sea-Doo Spark – Isn’t It Too Good to Be True?

Initially, the Sea-Doo Spark is ideal for a lot of fun and entertaining sea riding, complete with tricks. But if you’re going on a long ride, this isn’t the ideal jet ski to go with. You could push through and end up stuck in the middle of the sea, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

The next thing to remember is that the Sea-Doo Spark is only designed for a restricted number of passengers. It has extra room for one rider, but it can only hold two or three at most. Adults may find the 3up seating unpleasant even when seated in threes.

Sea-Doo Spark – Should You Buy It?

If you’re new to jet skiing, the answer is probably yes. The Sea-Doo Spark is still regarded as the best beginner jet ski as of this writing unless you add the Spark Trixx, which is simply an upgraded version of the original Sea-Doo Spark with a top speed of 50 to 55mph.

Previously, only individuals with prior experience riding a jet ski could own their own PWC and enjoy a fun water activity or relaxing time at sea. However, the introduction of the Sea-Doo Spark into the scene let even beginners enjoy fun riding and easily transfer rookies to become pros with their more powerful GT and RX series.

Sea-Doo has been steadily upgrading its jet skis, particularly the Spark lineup, for many years, making it one of the top picks in the PWC market today.

Which Sea-Doo Model Is Right for You?

speed of sea doo spark

It can be challenging to pick amongst so many different models. And the top speed alone will not suffice as a deciding factor. Choosing a PWC requires more than just speed, and it’s necessary to be aware of the watercraft that best suits your style and interests.

To assist you, we’ve provided a brief overview of each model series as well as some suggestions as to which one could be the best fit for your needs.

Sea-Doo Spark and the Spark Trixx – The Recreation Lite Series

Sea-Doo’s current jet ski model is the 2018 Spark Trixx. The Spark Trixx, which is powered by the lightest and most compact Rotax engine, has a top speed of 50 to 55mph, compared to its predecessor, the Spark, which only has a top speed of 45 to 50mph. It also has an advanced electronically controlled throttle system for a more responsive ride that suits your style if you want to go faster.

GTI 90/130 & GTI SE 130/170 Recreation Series

The Sea-Doo Recreation series is designed for hardcore water enthusiasts. It has a max speed of roughly 60mph, which is faster than the Spark. This is the perfect PWC for you if you enjoy speedy and turbulent rides like a dolphin.

Wake Pro 230 and Wake 170 Tow Sports Series

This Sea-Doo series is ideal if you or your buddies enjoy water sports, such as wakeboarding, surfing, or skating. It has tilt steering and removable wakeboards so that your friends and family can have more fun in the water as you’re speeding around.

GTX Limited GTX 170/230 & 230/300 Touring Series

The Sea-Doo Touring series, with its more powerful engines, lives true to its name by going more distance at higher speeds. However, unlike other watercraft, the GTX series allows you to take a leisurely tour while still enjoying all of the features that a PWC can offer.

Fish Pro Sport Fishing Series

Fishing isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro will not let you down. The Fish Pro is the company’s first dedicated fishing watercraft. It’s also factory-equipped for recreational anglers all over the world. The Fish Pro is longer, roomier, and more stable than other Sea-Doo models, allowing it to accommodate both the fisherman and fish.

GTR 230, RXP-X 300 and RXT-X 300 Performance Series

Unless you’re just getting started with professional jet skiing, the Sea-Doo Performance series isn’t really newbie-friendly. The GTR, RXP, and RXT series will perform well in racing competitions thanks to their more powerful engines, which blast with speed on the water. If you’re a seasoned rider, this is the model to go for.


Here’s a quick rundown of the Sea-Doo Spark top speed.

50 mph is the Sea-Doo Spark top speed.

The Spark Trixx is simply an upgraded Spark with a more modern Rotax 900 H.O. ACE engine for enhanced speed and acceleration. The top speed of the Spark Trixx is limited to 55 mph.

The top speed of your Sea-Doo watercraft is affected by a number of factors, including fuel tank capacity, engine horsepower, water conditions, and even your weight.

You can choose from various Sea-Doo models. It really makes no difference if you’re a novice or a seasoned watersports enthusiast or if you like recreational or professional fishing. Whatever type of water recreation you like, Sea-Doo has you covered.

The Sea-Doo Spark is still the best water jet ski for novices all around the world, followed by the Spark Trixx.