Boat Weight Estimates for 7 Boat Types

Boats are available in various sizes and shapes. It can be difficult to get specifics on boat weight estimates. The weight discrepancy is due to their differing sizes and shapes.

To determine the towable weight of each boat type, I used the average weight of each type of boat. The following are the boat weight estimates for seven types of boats:

1. PWC
(Personal Watercraft)
850 poundsCars, SUVs, Trucks, & Vans
2. Sailboat8,800 poundsTrucks
3. Ski Boat3,500 poundsSUVs & Trucks
4. Cabin Cruiser8,700 poundsTrucks
5. Speed Boat8,000 poundsTrucks
6. Pontoon Boat 3,100 poundsBig SUVs & Trucks
7. Small Fishing Boat1,700 poundsSUVs & Trucks 

Keep in mind that the weights shown for these boat types are merely their dry weights. The weight of the trailer, fuel, and other equipment can quickly add up to 2,000 pounds. The extra weight can have an influence on the towing capacity.

Different Types of Boats – Boat Weight Estimates

1. PWCs or Personal Watercrafts – Standard Weight: 850 Pounds

Different Examples of PWC Weights:

  • Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX – 1,074 pounds
  • FX Cruiser HO Full – 838 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Spark – 450 pounds

Personal watercraft is commonly referred to as wave runners or jet skis. Although they aren’t technically boats, their popularity as a water sport has prompted me to include them on our list.

PWCs have a standard weight of 800 pounds. Different models, shapes, and sizes are readily available to suit the needs of any buyer. The lightest is 450 pounds, while the heaviest is a little over 1,000 pounds.

Can you tow them?

Certainly, yes. Any SUV and all types of trucks can tow one or two PWCs.

2. Sailboats – Standard Weight: 8,800 Pounds

Different Examples of Sailboat Weights:

  • Swan 48 – 36,000 pounds
  • Pearson 39 – 17,000 pounds
  • Sunfish – 120 pounds
  • Ericson 28.5 – 7,500 pounds
  • C&C 27 – 5,180 pounds

On the water, sailboats are a very common sight. Sailboats can be found in almost every port on the ocean and the lakes. They are frequently used as a backdrop in television shows and films.

The weights of sailboats are one of their most surprising aspects! However, their weights vary greatly, and they are heavier than other types of boats. The boats range in weight from an incredibly light 120 pounds to extreme heavyweights of up to 36,000 pounds. The sailboats on the list are the most commonly used large and small models.

Can you tow them?

Some sailboats are easily towed, but others, especially those that are quite large, are not. The type of sailboat you have will determine whether or not it can be towed. A sailboat weighing less than 5,000 pounds can easily be towed by an average-sized SUV or truck. Sailboats, on the other hand, can often weigh anything from 8,000 to 12,000 pounds.

Only large heavy-duty trucks will be able to tow your sailboat if it weighs this much. Sailboats weighing up to 30,000 pounds will be too heavy for most standard vehicles to tow. Nonetheless, some trucks claim to be capable of hauling 30,000 pounds. When your sailboat weighs 30,000 pounds and the claim holds true, then it’s the vehicle you should choose.

Here’s a video of how sailboats are weighed:

3. Ski Boats – Standard Weight: 3,500 Pounds

Different Examples of Ski Boat Weights:

  • Malibu Response 21 – 3,100 pounds
  • Malibu Wakesetter 2017 24MXZ – 4,800 pounds
  • Malibu Wakesetter 2017 LSV23 – 3,400 pounds
  • Tige 2017 RZR 20 – 3,100 pounds
  • Mastercraft Prostar 2017 20 – 3,000 pounds

Ski boats have grown in popularity over the last few decades. Tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and other water sports are all the rage these days. Ski boats are designed for exciting and pleasant times on the water. The standard models have racks for hanging boards and are designed to pull people around the water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ski boat models showing standard weights for this type of boat are the Tige, Malibu, and Mastercraft. The ski boat can be as heavy as 6,000 pounds or as light as 2,000 pounds, depending on the model and make. Three thousand pounds appear to be the standard / average weight for ski boats.

Can you tow them?

Because all models fall within the towable weight range, ski boats can be towed. Most SUVs and pickup trucks are capable of towing ski boats. Towing ski boats with small or large trucks will be no problem. This boat may also be easily pulled by larger SUVs. Ski boats that are lighter than most can be easily handled by mid-sized SUVs.

4. Cabin Cruiser – Standard Weight: 8,700 Pounds

Different Examples of Cabin Cruiser Weights:

  • Rinker Express Cruiser 301 – 12,000 pounds
  • Larson Cabrio 274 – 6,000 pounds
  • Bayliner SB 285 – 8,000 pounds

Cabin cruisers are best described as mini yachts. They are big boats with sleeping accommodations. Also, cabin cruisers are often compared to floating mobile houses.

Cabin cruisers come in a variety of weights, depending on the model and make. The boat’s weight is increased by the size of the sleeping rooms below decks. Huge cabin cruisers can accommodate up to 10 passengers in some cases.

Can you tow them?

Only heavy-duty and large SUVs and trucks are capable of towing cabin cruisers. A smaller cabin cruiser can be towed by a standard-sized SUV or truck. Average-sized vehicles and SUVs, on the other hand, must weigh more than the cabin cruiser in order to tow it.

5. Speed Boats – Standard Weight: 8,000 Pounds

Different Examples of Speed Boat Weights:

  • M35 – 9,250 pounds
  • Thunder Cat 32 – 5,400 pounds
  • Cigarette Top Gun 38 – 9,000 pounds

Because of their sleek design and shape, speed boats are also known as cigarette boats. Some people believe that ski boats and speed boats are the same thing. Because both boat types travel at high speeds, misidentification happens. When a speed boat rides beside a ski boat, though, the speed difference is immediately evident.

The appeal of speed boats is due to the thrill of the ride. This boat isn’t made for water sports. The standard weight of a speed boat is 8,000 pounds. This weight was derived from a variety of speed boat models and types.

Speedboats come in a wide range of sizes and weights. Huge speed boats are also heavier due to their long frame and strong engines. Some models are smaller, sleeker, and more compact.

Can you tow them?

SUVs and pickup trucks are well-suited to towing speed boats. Towing speed boats weighing up to 5,000 pounds is easy with mid-sized SUVs and trucks.

6. Pontoon Boat – Standard Weight: 3,100 Pounds

Different Examples of Pontoon Boat Weights:

  • Hurricane 2690 SunDeck – 4,475 pounds
  • NauticStar Angler 193 SC – 2,100 pounds
  • NauticStar Angler 211 – 3,300 pounds
  • Stingray 212SC – 3,100 pounds

Pontoon boats are comparable to deck boats in terms of function and appearance. On paper, they appear to be different, yet the leisure activities they offer with their large open deck spaces are similar. Deck boats are a bit faster than pontoons due to their v-shaped hull.

Standard pontoon weights were derived from a variety of pontoon and deck boat models. They don’t weigh more than 1,000 pounds and don’t weigh less than 3,000 pounds.

Can you tow them?

Pontoons and deck boats may be easily towed by most vehicles. These types of boats may be towed by large and mid-sized SUVs and trucks with ease. Smaller trucks and SUVs are the only vehicles that should never be used to tow them.

7. Small Fishing Boat – Standard Weight: 1,700 Pounds

Different Examples of Small Fishing Boat Weights:

  • Charger Elite 210 – 1,900 pounds
  • Tracker Pro Team 2017 175 TF – 1,010 pounds
  • Bass Cat Jaguar – 2,150 pounds
  • Tracker Pro 2017 170 – 878 pounds
  • Nitro 2017 Z18 – 1,700 pounds

Fishing boats are commonly referred to as bass boats. This is due to the fact that this type of boat is intended exclusively for fishing. They aren’t designed to pull people on wakeboards or travel at fast speeds. Multiple spaces for storing fishing equipment and poles are included in their design. Some models have storage beneath the seats for caught fish. The radar feature of the boat also makes it easy to detect fish.

Fishing boats come in a variety of weights and sizes, but they are never less than 800 pounds or more than 2,500 pounds.

Can you tow them?

Fishing boats are the lightest of all boat types. This means that towing them won’t be an issue at all. Heavy to mid-sized SUVs and pickups can easily tow fishing boats. If the fishing boat is smaller than usual, even smaller SUVs will have no trouble towing it.

The video below provides some useful information about boat weight estimates:

Other Things That Increase the Weight

Although each boat is unique, our guide should provide you with average boat weight estimates for the majority of boats.

Add the following items, which are standard on most boats, to get a more realistic boat weight estimate:

  • Fuel – 240 to 450 pounds, depending on the boat’s gas tank size
  • Stereo – 50 to 250 pounds, including amps & speakers
  • Gear – 100 to 500 pounds, including life vests, coolers, etc.
  • Tower – 70 to 300 pounds

According to these numbers, adding an extra 1,500 to 2,200 pounds to the usual weight of your boat gives you a rough approximation of its overall weight.

Conclusion – 7 Boat Types and Their Boat Weight Estimates

To summarize, here are the average boat weight estimates for seven different types of boats:

1. PWC850 poundsSUVs, Cars, Trucks, & Vans
2. Sailboat8,800 pounds Trucks
3. Ski Boat3,500 pounds SUVs & Trucks
4. Cabin Cruiser8,700 pounds Trucks
5. Speed Boat8,000 pounds Trucks
6. Pontoon Boat 3,100 pounds Big SUVs & Trucks
7. Small Fishing Boat1,700 pounds SUVs & Trucks 

Boats come in a variety of sizes, types, and shapes, making it difficult to determine their exact weight. Boats that are larger will be heavier than those that are smaller. Larger models, such as pontoons, are lighter than sleeker models like speed boats.

We hope that this guide will help you determine the weight of your present or future boat.