Best Fishing Boat for Family – Our Top 7 Picks

Boating is one of the best recreational activities to do with your family. But it can be challenging to find the right boat for your family adventures if you consider purchasing one. This article includes our list of the 7 best fishing boats for the entire family, as well as specifications and features for each boat.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Fishing Boat for Family:

  1. Glacier Bay 22
  2. Boston Whaler 240
  3. Cobia 201 Center Console
  4. Grady-White 191 CE
  5. EdgeWater 280cx
  6. Mako 21 LTS
  7. Everglades 243cc

Read on to know more about the best fishing boats for the family, including their specs and features.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Fishing Boat for Family

1. Glacier Bay 22

The Glacier Bay 22 is a good boat to start with if you’re a beginner. It’s simple to learn and control, making it ideal for newbies. This best fishing boat for family and friends can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions as well.

It provides a smooth ride through the water and significantly minimizes the impact of waves. Also, its boxy design gives you a lot more deck space, allowing up to six people to cast comfortably without touching elbows.

Even though the Glacier Bay 22 is no longer in production, you can find a used one online.

2. Boston Whaler 240

The Whaler 240 is constructed and designed by the Boston Whaler company, which has a team of uncompromising boat designers who spend a lot of time with boaters. They also interact with other brand owners in order to gain a better understanding of what clients seek in terms of boat design. The designers want to know where people take their boats and what they do with them. So, they’re looking for real-life stories.

This allows the designers to add the most important features, such as comfort, versatility, safety, and fishability. The seating is also designed to meet the recognized standards for angle, support, and height to provide superior comfort.

3. Cobia 201 Center Console

If you have little kids in your family, the Cobia 201 is a fantastic option. Although this best fishing boat for the family is one of the smallest family boats, the gunwales are high enough to accommodate an adult at hip level while also keeping your children safe and contained in the cockpit.

While this may cause minor difficulties while fishing, the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to peace of mind. This boat also has a head integrated into the console.

The finish and fit of the Cobia 201 are just excellent. The sides have fully finished hatches, and the inside of the compartments are well-lined. I particularly like how the cleats and hinges are flush-mounted to keep the lines clean and smooth.

4. Grady-White 191 CE

The 191 CE might be the best fishing boat for the family if you’re seeking a long-term investment. While the value of a boat depreciates with time, Grady-White is one of the brands that maintains its value efficiently.

While you’ll have to put up some cash upfront, you’ll like the fact that it arrives completely rigged and ready for $60,000. But don’t worry; if you decide to sell this boat in the future, you’ll get a better return.

For bay angling and tackle casting, the 191 CE is a fantastic choice. It also includes unique features, such as a bow deck that converts into a huge sun pad, spacious seating for up to seven passengers, and a Yamaha F200 with a top speed of 50 MPH. The fit and finish are also of the highest quality in its class.

5. EdgeWater 280cx

The 280cx, which was designed as a crossover, provides more overall utility. According to Edgewater, the 280cx can replace a variety of boats currently on the market. It has a large cockpit, which is a common feature of dual-consoles, and it has a fold-down sitting area, which gives it a lot of versatility.

You’ll also appreciate the wraparound lounge space, which is ideal for a daytime picnic with the family or a romantic couple cruise. The 280cx’s elegance is enhanced by the cabin belowdecks, which includes a head, sink, and optional microwave.

On larger boats, the LED lights, hardtop with rod holders, and electronics boxes can be used for fishing. Long rod boxes and insulated fish boxes are also useful.

The 280cx has a spacious 28-gallon livewell, a prep sink, and three fish boxes, including tackle storage compartments. It has under-gunwale rod holders and flush-mounted rod holders as well.

6. Mako 21 LTS

The Mako 21 LTS will be a strong contender if you’re seeking low-cost flats and cross-over bay boats.

While the interior and finish aren’t very upscale, it’s a decent 21ft. fishing boat with a package price of $33,995, which includes the boat, motor, and trailer.

As you may know, it is less expensive than fishing boats of comparable size, giving the Mako 21 LTS high marks.

To date, several manufacturers have made an attempt to maintain the MSRP as cheap as possible. They manage this by incorporating a standard motor that would most likely fail to bring the boat onto the plane.

The 21 LTS, on the other hand, does not have this problem. Power is sufficient at 150 horses, allowing anyone to cruise at 30 mph and max out at 40 mph. But if you want more power, you can increase the horsepower to 75.

7. Everglades 243cc

Everglades recognizes that a boat with an uncluttered deck is preferable for family buyers because it makes moving safer and easier. They’re also seeking easy access and enough storage so they can move to different fishing spots.

These characteristics, in addition to a slew of useful fishing features, make the Everglades 243cc a best-selling model.

For fishing, the 243cc is ideal. A 36-gallon livewell, 2 tackle lockers, a 67-gallon fish box, under-gunwale power ports, lockable rod storage, and 4 flush-mount rod holders are all included.

Things to Consider When Buying a Family Boat

The outcome of your next boating or fishing vacation with your loved ones will be determined by how you choose a family boat. Look for the following key points to ensure you acquire the boat you need:

Comfortable Cabin

You’ll need a comfy cabin because you won’t be fishing all day. A decent one will allow you to get away from the sun and the heat. It also provides your family with the necessary rest and relaxation after a long day of sailing.

Spacious Casting Decks

Fishing with children necessitates spacious decks, as it might be difficult for them to keep their lines in the water. To eliminate fishing issues like tangled lines, you’ll need a large casting deck.

Convenient Dining & Drinking

Whatever you prepare for your trip will help you create a memorable experience for the entire family. Your boat should have amenities for food preparation, such as an onboard grill or oven and a suitable dining table because your family will ultimately crave food and beverages.

You can also add extra features for the adults, such as wine coolers and coffee machines.

Swim Platform

While on vacation, your family might want to do something other than fishing. And when you’re near a body of water, what better pastime to engage in than swimming?

A good fishing boat should also be capable of being used as a swimming vessel. A swim platform in the back creates a quick swimming dock, allowing you and your children to take a refreshing swim.

Ski Pylon

In addition to fishing and swimming, most families enjoy skiing and tubing while on vacation. Choosing a boat with a ski pylon may be advantageous. You and your family can take a break from fishing with added excitement by pulling yourselves around on the water.

Electronics & Entertainment

A parent understands how easily children become bored. Remember to keep them occupied with your boat’s entertainment features if you’re going on a long water trip.

Many boats now come equipped with both standard and optional features, such as TVs and DVD players, as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Conclusion – Best Fishing Boat for Family – Top 7 Picks

To summarize, your family boat should be safe, have a large deck, a comfortable cabin, a swim platform, and other food and beverage preparation amenities.

These are our top 7 picks for the best fishing boat for your entire family according to boat models:

  1. Glacier Bay 22
  2. Boston Whaler 240
  3. Cobia 201 Center Console
  4. Grady-White 191 CE
  5. EdgeWater 280cx
  6. Mako 21 LTS
  7. Everglades 243cc

It’s natural for a parent to prioritize their family. This is the same reason why you should base your decisions on their needs. Any of the boats listed above will provide incredible boating experiences that will last a lifetime.